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Welcome to Pavatile

Pavatile offers the most diverse and highest quality simulated stone products in South Africa. Please browse the site for our extensive range of specialist paving products for all types of applications.

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Moulded Stone - Pavatile

Widest range of colours, finishes and modular sizes

We are able to manufacture in a wide array of colours and have various module sizes and texture finishes available.

All of this adds up to seemingly endless design options for the end-user.

This helps make us the number one choice for both industry professionals and end-users for:

  • Designer paving options
  • Residential paving (inc for driveways, walkways, patios and pool surrounds)
  • Industrial paving manufacturers
  • Commercial paving
  • Copings
  • Steps
  • Garden benches
  • Water channels
  • Kerbs
  • Speciality paving stones
  • Stepping stones

Please feel free to contact us for any further product or company information that you may require or use the Request a Quote page.

If making a telephonic enquiry, kindly ask reception to place your call through to the Pavatile representative.

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact Us.


Pavatile's concrete paving cobbles stand the test of time


Over the past decade and more, Pavatile has developed many techniques to improve the durability and quality of its concrete paving products.

The test of time has proven that even in the early days, Pavatile's products were of an exceptionally high standard compared to similar-looking products in the market.

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The evolution of cobbled paving bricks


Cobblestones were originally partially rounded stones used for road paving.

These 'cobbles' were gathered from stream beds and were small stones rounded by the wear and flow of water. The word 'cobble' derived from the word 'cob' meaning a rounded lump.

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Thin blocks results in increased levels of paving failure


The incidence of straight-sided paving block failure on trafficked areas and driveways is disturbingly high according to the Concrete Manufacturers Association (CMA).

CMA director, John Cairns, says the cause is the specification of thin (40mm) blocks for applications to which they are not suited.

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